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Drive electric.
Live green. 
Charge smarter with Ziva Energy.

Ziva Energy provides home EV charging solutions to fit your needs. Whether you own a garage or park outdoors, We offer options for safe and convenient charging at home. Our systems integrate seamlessly with solar power and battery backups, allowing you to potentially charge your car with clean, renewable energy produced by your own home.

Home Charging Solutions

Apartment Building with EV-Focus

Multifamily - Residential
Meeting Residents Needs

Apartment complexes, condominiums, housing cooperatives, HOA communities, etc.

  • Multiple charging stations for high-density parking lots and drivers

  • Private network controlled access for residents and segregated billing (ie. RFID)

  • Overnight passive charging focused with 8+ hour parking times and assigned spaces


the Loop App

Loop Global App

Driver experience

 Enhancing Customer Satisfaction in the EV Charging Ecosystem

A happy EV driver translates to a healthier EV ecosystem. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, charging providers can cultivate brand loyalty, ease anxieties around charging availability and reliability, and ultimately accelerate EV adoption. This fuels a positive cycle for everyone: a thriving EV market benefits businesses, reduces emissions, and paves the way for a more sustainable future.

Hotel Parking Lot with Ziva Energy Chargers


Charge Stations


Commerical Property with EV Charging Stations

Office complexes, industrial and business parks, warehouses, private schools,and  healthcare facilities.

  • Multiple charging stations for high-density parking lots and drivers

  • ​Private network controlled access for employees and guests (ie. RFID)

  • Passive charging focused with 6-8+ hour parking times


(order of priority): 
EV-Flex/EV-Flex+, EV-Fleet, EV-Fast or Infinity Flash

Your Investment:
Install EV Charging for
Commercial Succes

Our EV Charging Partners
Our EV Charging Partners

300+ Network Partners & Distributors 

750+ Electrical Contractors in Network

Our Partners Sell Chargers Worldwide

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From the begining of the EV Charging journey to the installation process, Ziva Energy with help with all aspects of the process. Ask us about the rebate programs available.

We will be with you every step of the way

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Building Lasting Relationships

People using

Tap Into The Future of Driving with Ziva's Online EV Marketplace

We realized early on that building an Energy company passionate about EV charging is only half the battle. We need drivers just as passionate about That's why we're not just building charging stations, we're also promoting the top ten most affordable electric vehicles on the market. We want to make the switch to clean energy accessible and exciting for everyone!clean energy to make the switch to electric vehicles! 

EV-Focus fast charger

Loop stands out due to
    • Fully integrated hardware
    • Network software
    • Operation solutions

What truly differentiates us is our commitment to being fully open-source and interoperable, fostering collaboration and expansion with customers and competitors alike. Loop offers a fully integrated solution committed to open source and interoperability, ensuring our stations are future-proofed and provide max benefit to end customers.

Infinity Flash Fast Charger at work

Infinity Flash revolutionizes EV charging by centralizing power modules in a single cabinet, enabling the installation of more cost-effective dispensers suitable for tight parking spaces.

The Future of Fast Charging

Concept of an EV Oasis
EV Chargers at a Car Wash
Infinity Flash Parking Lot Charger

The Future of Vehicle Care: Where Clean Energy Meets Convenient Charging 

Ziva Energy is reimagining the future of vehicle care, bringing together the best of car washes, EV charging, and traditional gas stations. With innovative EV Oasis stations designed to resemble familiar gas stations, we're creating a seamless transition to electric vehicle adoption. Our state-of-the-art Loop Global fast chargers, integrated into car washes and gas stations alike, ensure that drivers can power up their vehicles quickly and conveniently while enjoying additional services or amenities. By combining these essential elements, Ziva Energy is not only transforming the way we care for our cars but also paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient transportation future.. 

Home Charging Solutions

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