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Ziva Energy is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Loop Global, becoming an authorized dealer of their industry-leading electric vehicle (EV) products and services! This exciting collaboration will allow Ziva Energy to offer its customers a comprehensive range of EV solutions, including home and commercial charging options, charging infrastructure, and maintenance services. Stay tuned for more details on how Ziva Energy and Loop Global are working together to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions.

Ziva Energy, Inc. is an energy solutions firm that focuses on EV home and commercial property charging systems, EV infrastructure Network, and home energy battery backup solutions using a hybrid system with Solar and Lithium Batteries.

Enhance your car wash with the power of clean energy by partnering with Ziva Energy and Loop Global. While customers enjoy a sparkling clean car, they can simultaneously charge their electric vehicles using our state-of-the-art charging stations. This convenient service not only attracts eco-conscious drivers but also increases customer dwell time, leading to potential upsells and repeat business. With seamless integration of the Loop Global app, customers can easily locate, reserve, and pay for charging sessions, streamlining the experience and making your car wash a destination for EV owners. By combining car washing and EV charging, you're not only offering a valuable service but also contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Clean Cars & Clean Energy: A Winning Combination for Your Car Wash

Ziva Energy, in partnership with Loop Global, offers gas station owners a seamless transition into the electric vehicle (EV) market. Our comprehensive solution includes not only the installation of state-of-the-art EV charging stations but also integration with the innovative Loop Global app. This means your customers can easily locate, reserve, and pay for charging sessions directly from their smartphones, enhancing convenience and driving traffic to your location and you share in the profits. By embracing EV charging, you'll attract a new and growing customer base, increase dwell time, and position your business as a forward-thinking leader in the evolving energy landscape. With Ziva Energy and Loop Global, you'll be equipped to fuel both today's vehicles and tomorrow's possibilities.

Fuel the Future: Elevate Your Gas Station with
Ziva Energy 
& Loop Global

Car wash companies can benefit from placing the Infinity Flash at their car wash by attracting more customers, increasing revenue, and improving customer satisfaction.

The Infinity Flash is a scalable, ultra-fast EV charging solution that can charge up to 100 miles in just five minutes. It is designed to transform parking lots into profit centers. So, car wash companies can attract more customers by offering a convenient and time-saving way to charge their electric vehicles. They can also increase revenue by charging customers for using the Infinity Flash. And, they can improve customer satisfaction by providing a valuable service that makes it easier for customers to care for their electric vehicles.

Ziva Energy is revolutionizing the EV charging experience with the EV Oasis, a new concept inspired by the familiar layout of traditional gas stations. These EV Oasis stations will feature a welcoming design, ample space for charging multiple vehicles simultaneously, and convenient amenities like restrooms and retail shops. By incorporating Loop Global's ultra-fast chargers, EV Oasis aims to provide drivers with a seamless and enjoyable charging experience that rivals the convenience of refueling. Ziva Energy is committed to creating a network of EV Oasis stations that will not only accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles but also redefine the expectations of EV drivers everywhere.

Introducing EV Oasis: Ziva Energy's Vision for the Future of Charging

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