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Investing in
The Future with DCFC
Charging Solutions

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Ziva Energy offers for PUD EV infrastructure: 

  • Site assessment and feasibility studies 

  • Charging station selection and placement 

  • Electrical infrastructure design and upgrades 

  • Software and management solutions 

  • Ongoing maintenance and support 

Ziva Energy: Your Partner in Building
EV-Ready Planned Unit Developments





Ziva Energy will provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the charging stations and electrical infrastructure remain in optimal condition.


This includes: 

  • Regular inspections and cleaning. 

  • Firmware updates and software upgrades. 

  • Prompt repairs of any malfunctions. 

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

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Network Management: Ziva Energy can provide software solutions to monitor and manage the charging network, including features like: 

  • Real-time usage data and analytics. 

  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. 

  • Billing and payment processing. 

  • User access control and authentication. 

Demand Response: Integrating demand response capabilities allows the PUD to participate in programs that incentivize reducing energy consumption during peak demand periods, potentially generating revenue. 

Software and Management Solutions

Our Management Team

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