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Ziva Energy focuses on making EV charging at home convenient and accessible. Our key selling point is a turnkey solution that includes hardware, software, installation, and ongoing maintenance. This means you don't have to worry about finding compatible parts, dealing with complex setup, or troubleshooting future issues. We offer a variety of charger types to fit your needs, and their network management system allows you to easily track energy usage and manage charging costs. With Ziva Energy, you can simplify the process of installing an EV charger at home and ensure a smooth charging experience.

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Home Charging Resolves Range and Reliability Anxiety

  • LTE/WiFi, RFID/NFC/BLE*, Load Management

  • OCPP, EnergyStar, UL, OpenADR, CTEP/NTEP

  • 3-yr warranty, up to 10-yr extended

  • 11” H x 7.5” W x 3” D

  • Up to 32 Miles per hour charging 

Meet our 
Residential Chargers
EV - Flex 


  •  Lower cost

  •  Limited functionality

  •  Limited 7.68 kW supply

EV - Flex - Lite

7.98 kW


Higher output
 Cost premium
 Includes all Flex features

EV - Flex

9.6 kW

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Take a Look at Our Special Deals

Compatable with all Electrical Vehicles

Thinking about switching up your home EV charger? We offer a compelling option with our all-in-one solution that integrates hardware, software, and operation. But what truly sets Ziva Energy and Loop Global apart is our commitment to open-source technology.


This means you're not locked into a single provider's ecosystem, potentially giving you more flexibility and access to a wider range of features and functionalities in the future.  The open-source approach also fosters collaboration among users, which could lead to exciting new developments and cost-effective solutions down the line.  While upfront costs are always a consideration, the potential for long-term value and future-proofing your charging experience  are definitely worth exploring.  Before making a decision, be sure to compare features and pricing with your current charger and other options on the market. After all, the best choice depends on your specific needs and priorities as a home EV charging owner. 

Upgrading Your Home EV Charger: Ziva Energy and the Open Future

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