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Investing in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for your multi-family property presents a compelling financial opportunity, whether you choose to own and operate the stations yourself or partner with a third-party provider. The potential for a high return on investment, combined with the creation of significant value beyond the initial costs, makes it an attractive prospect for property owners. With a relatively short payback period, you can expect to recoup your investment quickly, reducing risk and providing greater financial flexibility. These factors make installing EV chargers not only a smart investment for your property but also a valuable amenity that can attract and retain eco-conscious residents. 

Charging Up Your Investment: The Financial Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Multi-Family Properties

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Multi-family Property
Charging Solutions

The best choice for multi-family properties are the EV Flex, the EV Flex Plus and the EV Focus for large apartment buildings that will benefit from the additional income stream that comes from digital advertising

To ensure a seamless electric vehicle (EV) charging installation at your multifamily property, we require specific site audit information. This includes the total number of parking spaces and apartment meters, along with details on the house meter and main service panel. Additionally, please provide information on any commercial meters (e.g., elevator, fire alarm, retail) and their relative locations on the property (a marked-up satellite photo would be helpful). Please indicate your desired parking spaces for EV charging, and if applicable, provide a full parking layout for any garages, including ADA space locations. This comprehensive information will enable us to design an efficient and tailored EV charging solution for your property. 

Best Chargers and Installation Practices 

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